I am Michael Thomason - computer extraordinaire! Since a young age, I’ve had a never-ending desire to discover, learn about, and tinker with technology. Around the age of 13, my intrigue into computers, and Information Technology in general, began to grow. It started with a summer of volunteering at the local hospital in the South Georgia town that I grew up in. Each day I learned and discovered a little more about computers - I watched the computer wizards I was shadowing do everything from take apart and reassemble broken PCs, to spin up new servers, to helping employees figure out why their PC is making such an odd noise. They walked me through server rooms, showed me massive tape storage devices, and introduced me to the complexity and intrigue of computers. At the end of that short summer, they sent me home with some old retired equipment. Those old computers gained a new life - as my own personal network of servers. There was a Linux server whirring away under my desk, a SQL server and web server in the closet, and a spiderweb of ethernet cables in between. From there, my interests only grew. My bookshelves became overwhelmed with books on everything ranging from Java, to C#, to Perl and PHP (Programming PHP by O’Reilly Books was my first technical book), to the Linux kernel. I scavenged Internet forums for new information, tried every Linux distribution I could get my hands on, started up my own personal Active Directory (yes, for 1 person), and even tried to spin up an Exchange server.

Fast-forward 15 years or so, and I have found myself proudly working in the field of Information Technology. I still fiddle around with home servers (although they are much smaller now), and I still enjoy spinning up a new Linux distribution now and again. However, these days, my focus is on my career. Improving the lives of others through the use of modern technology while educating and expanding my knowledge and finding new, innovative ways to solve problems is what I strive to do. Whether that be on a small scale, such as showing an end-user a new and more efficient way to accomplish a task, a larger scale, such as spinning up a new server, or on a “behind-the-scenes” scale, such as digging into why an application is acting up or building out some new functionality in a web app, I enjoy and look forward to working with every facet of technology.